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Appalachian Trail in New Hampshire

Enjoy Your Hike...Leave The Driving To Us!


We are a commercially insured, hiker oriented shuttle service based out of Hiawassee, GA, servicing North Georgia and Western North Carolina, and owned and operated by 2022 AT thruhiker Dale "Bandit" Johnson. We provide Appalachian Trail shuttles, as well as other area trail shuttles and airport shuttles, and are committed to your safety and peace of mind knowing you will arrive to your destination safely, so you are free to focus on your adventure! We offer upfront, competitive pricing and are pet friendly! Can accomodate larger for specifics, availability and pricing.

Mt. Katahdin in Maine


Contact us for pricing and availability, and to reserve your shuttle.


NOTE: When contacting, keep in mind I'm often out running shuttles in mountainous, poor cell reception areas. Text works best in these areas and will often go through when a call will not. If you do call and get my voicemail, you can leave a message there, but for sure go ahead and send a text as well, and I'll be in touch as soon as I get reception. Texts get answered much quicker, as I don't check voicemail on a regular basis throughout the day.


- Appalachian Trail shuttles to and from all access points on the Appalachian Trail anywhere between Amicalola Falls State Park and Fontana Dam. Longer shuttles are also possible upon request.


- Shuttles on other hiking trails in North Georgia and Western North Carolina, including the Benton Mackaye Trail, Pinhoti Trail, Foothills Trail, Chattooga River Trail and Bartram Trail


- Airport shuttles to and from Amicalola Falls State Park and Springer Mountain from Atlanta Hartsfield-Jackson airport, and other area airports including Asheville, Chattanooga, Greenville and Knoxville.


- Airport shuttles to and from Fontana Dam from all area airports, including Atlanta, Asheville, Chattanooga, Greenville and Knoxville.

- Airport shuttles to and from any pick-up/drop-off location within our service area.


- Shuttles to and from North Springs and Sandy Springs Marta stations, all area Greyhound and Amtrak stations and all area car rental businesses from anywhere within our service area.

- Planning, Logistics and Advice

- Resupply

- Slackpacking

- Trailside pizza/hot food delivery

- 365/24/7 availability | Dependable and reliable | Pet friendly | Fuel provided for purchase upon request | Last minute resupply stops as time permits(request for enroute stops at time of booking helps to insure adequate time is provided).


For hikers flying in to Atlanta Hartsfield-Jackson Airport, it might be a little overwhelming at first trying to figure out exactly how to get to the trailhead to start your big adventure. The following is a list of common methods and tips to help make your transition from plane to trail a little easier.

From Atlanta airport, you really have 4 basic options:

  • Hitch(definitely not recommend) - I'd have to say your chances of finding a sympathetic soul to help you out are about as good as not getting at least one blister on your hike!

  • Uber/Lyft Direct from Airport- This is definitely an option. There are many rideshare drivers around the airport who may be willing to drive the 1.5 hours to Amicalola with no guarantee of a return fare. This may just be your cheapest alternative(if you can find a willing driver), but it's certainly not the most reliable one. You may just have to wait a while before someone accepts your ride. A couple disadvantages with a rideshare is that they may not be willing to stop along the way, if you're needing to stop somewhere for last minute supplies or possibly a quick bite somewhere, plus they're not going to have any trail relevant information to pass along to you on the ride; not a deal breaker, but something to consider. The BIGGEST disadvantage to a rideshare is for those wanting transport directly to Springer Mountain to begin their hike, bypassing Amicalola Falls State Park and the approach trail altogether. Getting to Springer Mountain trailhead consists of 10 miles of very bumpy, and sometimes very muddy gravel road driving, and most Uber and Lyft drivers won't drive up it. Some drivers in the past have bit the bullet and actually drove the entire way to the trailhead, while others have refused. You could take your chances, but you may just end up getting dropped off 10 miles from the trailhead, and having to walk or hitch a ride the rest of the way.


  • Hiker Shuttle Service Direct from Airport - Probably a little more expensive than a rideshare, but by far, the most convenient way to go from flying to hiking! Doing this has many advantages! (1)You can reserve ahead of time, so your ride is waiting for you as soon as you land and get through baggage. (2)Constant communication with your shuttle driver prior to and after flight, in case there are delays or changes in your travel plans. (3)Ability to stop along the way for supplies and possibly a meal before you hit the trail. (4)If your driver is a hiker, or at least, keeps up with current trail news, there'll be plenty to talk about during your ride.


  • Pick-up From North Springs or Sandy Springs MARTA Stations - MARTA IS YOUR FRIEND! This will be your cheapest option, whether choosing to use Uber/Lyft from here, or being picked up by a hiker shuttle service for the final one-hour ride to the trail. Remember, as with rideshare pick-up from airport, your Uber/Lyft driver may not be willing to drive you the entire way to Springer Mountain trailhead from here, if that's where you'll be starting your hike from. MARTA is Atlanta's public train system, consisting of (4) color-coded lines, originating from right outside of the baggage claim area inside the airport. The Red Line runs directly north from the airport, and has (18) stops along the way, with the final two stops being Sandy Springs(next to last stop), and North Springs(final stop). Either one of these stops is ideal for pick-up, as it eliminates driving through downtown traffic, and it's only a 45 minute train ride and only costs $3-$4. Sandy Springs has an REI just .3 miles away and a Publix Supermarket just a mile away, where you can do your last minute resupply shopping. There are also many hotels within walking distance here, if needing to stay the night. If not needing to do any shopping or stay overnight in this area, just continue on to the final stop at North Springs, and have your driver meet you there. This is a quick, easy in-and-out access point for the driver.



- Atlanta Airport shuttles to and from Hiawassee, GA and surrounding areas, including Blairsville, Helen and Clayton, GA, and Hayesville, Murphy and Franklin, NC.

- Airport shuttles to and from Hiawassee, GA and all surrounding areas to Asheville, Chattanooga, Greenville and Knoxville.

- Shuttle services to and from North Springs/Sandy Springs Marta stations, Greyhound and Amtrak stations, and car rental businesses from anywhere within our service area.

- Shuttles to and from any destination originating or ending within our service area.

- Bicyclist shuttles(can carry two bikes). 

- Boater/paddler shuttles.

- Local rides starting at $20.

Plaque on Springer Mt at southern terminus of Appalachian Trail


Links to official Appalachian Trail Clubs and other local trail clubs, state and national parks these trails cross through, and other useful long distance hiking/planning information.

By SparksHikesMountains

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